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Dear Friends,

The Escola Superior de Educação João de Deus continued the tradition begun in 1932 by its founding institution, the Associação de Jardins Escolas João de Deus (1882), of holding congresses and promoting education and research practices.

In 1932, João de Deus Ramos (1878/1953) called it the Pedagogical Conference, working with the educators and teachers of the five kindergartens existing at the time. This annual practice continues to the present day.

The first International Congress Educational Practices intended to be a space and a time to debate, reflect and motivate the different educational actors to try out new educational practices that configure a new school model allowing students to develop the capacities, skills, abilities, knowledge, values and attitudes that will contribute to their success in life and to their happiness.

The new way of being a School has to contemplate education for development that aims at sensitizing and understanding the causes of the problems of development at local and global levels, in a context of interdependence and globalization, to promote the right and the duty of all people and peoples to participate and contribute to integral and sustainable development. It also intends to train conscientious, critical and solidary citizens who act in a responsible and transforming way in society.

The purpose of Education for Development is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which cover several dimensions such as quality education, tolerance, peace and justice, among others.

We think that, with this congress, once again, we have contributed to the deepening of scientific knowledge in education. Indeed, we continue to believe that only if we are all united, around this greater cause, can we reach a higher level in the transformation towards a more sustainable development.

We hope you will join us for an excellent Conference.