ERASMUS+ & International Mobility

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) - 2014-2020)
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) - 2021-2027)

:: Language policy
The ESEJD  has developed a language reinforcement (English Language) to its
students since 2014. We provide the existence of a tutor student to support the foreign colleague and provision of study research, text, video and other materials in English. On the other hand, each teacher will support, through the English language, the student in international mobility. 

Many teachers have a good degree of proficiency in Castilian and French languages too.
The courses in catalogue are running in Portuguese language. However, the curricular units are open to foreign students, where a tutor student will help on the move using cooperative work.

The ESEJD has English Language Curricular Units to provide improvement of speaking and writing acquisition to prepare students who want to compete for international mobility. The course coordinator will certify that these students have proficiency of the foreign language to integrate international mobility.

:: Study Cycles and Credits
License (Bach) and Master courses of ESEJD public catalogue are all portuguese spoken.
However and according with foreign students needs our institution will provide English spoken support as well as need for research and pedagogical materials. A national student tutor shall be indicated for foreign students too.

Public course catalogue

1st cycle studies - qualification awarded level 6
      > Basic Education (in Portuguese) - (in English)

2nd cycle studies - qualification awarded level 7 (soon, the translation)
      > Pre-School Teacher Education
      > Pre-school and Primary School Teacher Education

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:: Mobility Activities

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